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Seaman & Park Homepage


 *Allan Seaman Jr*& Helen Louise Park


Remember our Dead and preserve our history 

I hope this web site will become a place to gather and share information concerning the Seaman & Park family.

   I welcome you to enjoy my site.  

First Posted Sep 2006. This is a work in progress so please visit again. Update Apr 2016

If you think we might have a common bond or if you have something to share,  please contact me.


Contact me by using the Guest Book or Blog. If you use the Blog put your contact information in the comment area or I will not see it. Confidential information can be removed from the blog after I have made contact with you. I can not remove information in the Guest Book. 

Click on the Photo above to view Seaman & Kuneth Direct Line Photos

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Click on the photo below to go to Park & Suter Direct Line Photos.

Seaman & Park Albums and Stuff


You will see Direct Line, Side Line and Unidentified Photos.

The Seaman & Kuneth photo collection once belonged to Katherine Kuneth Seaman.

The Park & Suter photo collection once belonged to Celia Suter Park.

All these photos were put in a box together.  We have since separated the pictures into separate family groups. but there were several unidentified pictures; therefore, it is possible that we have placed some in the wrong group. If you have information concering our collections please let us know. Thank You.

The Seaman & Kuneth collection would be mostly from New York.

The Park & Suter collection would be mostly from  Pennsylvania.



About The Park and Suter Collection List

The Collections List, includes sibling and sideline information etc.


 Includes newspaper, funeral, graves, etc.